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Premier Ob/Gyn currently offers two primary options for abortion care. We offer a medication based non-surgical option as well as an in-office surgical procedure. Our non-surgical option is available up to 9 weeks last menstrual cycle as determined by an ultrasound and our surgical is available up to 14 weeks last menstrual cycle as determined by an ultrasound.

We take private insurance plans as well as offer affordable reduced pricing for patients who don't have or can't use their insurance.

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Non-Surgical Abortion
Our non-surgical abortion services are available ip to 9 weeks LMP as determined by an ultrasound. Our office uses a combination of medicines to induce a miscarriage. The first medication will be administered to you in the office by our doctor. The second medication will be given to you to take at home. After taking the first medication the procedure must be completed because the medication has an high risk of defects to the pregnancy tissue.

Surgical Abortion
Please be advised that Premier OB GYN has temporarily suspended offering surgical abortions until further notice.
Our in office procedure will be performed by out board certified/eligible doctor and is available up to 14 weeks last menstrual cycle as determined by an ultrasound. The procedure is very short, only about 5-10 minutes but you will be in our office for approximately 3-4 hours. This time includes the procedure as well as some required prep work and recovery time.

The required prep work will include:

  • An ultrasound to determine gestational age
  • Counseling to answer all your questions and concerns, confirm your decision, and to provide you with information.
  • Blood testing to determine blood type, hemoglobin level etc
  • Consultation and counseling with the doctor to answer your questions and review the procedure.
  • Pelvic exam to ensure gynecological health

After your procedure you will be monitored in our recovery area for 40 minutes to an hour to endure that you are safe and feel comfortable enough to go home. We will provide a light snack and some juice to help revitalize you.

After you leave you may experience some after effects including possible cramping and spotting. Over-the-Counter pain medication can be used to alleviate some of the cramping. You should be sure to follow the after care instructions that will be provided to you before you leave, they will help to ensure you heal properly. Please keep in mind that you will need to return for a follow up appointment approximately 2 weeks after your procedure for an ultrasound and exam to ensure you have been healing properly.

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